Denton Golf Club, Manchester Road, Denton, Manchester, M34 2GG
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  • Sandra Marsden

Following the recent email regarding England Golf’s guidance in preparation for the return of golf, we have been busy behind the scenes putting together strategies to meet England Golf guidance and eagerly await an announcement from the government when golf will return and what restrictions are to be imposed upon us. Currently there is a lot of speculation in the press on when golf will return but to date nothing has been agreed.

The safety of our members and staff is our priority, therefore it is essential that, as the government relaxes the lockdown restrictions, all members adhere to the government advice and policy, particularly on social distancing and self-isolation, so as not to put themselves and others at risk. It should go without saying that If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 please do not come to play golf.

We are sure you are all eager to be back playing golf after this period of enforced lockdown and we would like to share with members on how the club will operate in the first phase of opening. The guidance will be reviewed and updated as we receive more information from the national golfing bodies and the government and as we understand how the guidance works in practice when members come and play the course. If you have any questions or want any further information, please email the club at Please, for the benefit of everyone, follow the guidance to avoid any issues during the phases of reopening.

We all look forward to seeing you back at the club playing the course soon. Sadly, we will not have the opportunity to socialise with each other, either before or after playing golf, as the restrictions which remain in place will include continuing the ban on social gatherings.

We would remind any of our members who have outstanding fees or who are not up to date with their Standing Orders to please make payment in time for the course reopening so that you are eligible to play. If there are any questions or difficulties with this and as outlined in the Chairman’s previous letter, please telephone Sandra 07923 540251 or email her on the club email address above.

The Clubhouse

As the bar and kitchen will have to remain closed under the current government restrictions, the clubhouse and balcony will remain closed and the computer in the members lounge will not be accessible. To adhere to social distancing rules, a number of temporary measures will have to be put in place and whilst we understand that these may be far from perfect, we have to balance these restrictions against playing golf.

Consequently, the following will apply:

  • The toilet at the halfway house will be the only toilets accessible to all members. Access to the toilets in the men’s and women’s locker room areas will not be available.
  • The locker rooms and showers will remain closed. Prior to the return of golf, members will be asked to remove any clubs and personal items from their lockers, and trolleys from the trolley room and take them home. There will be a facility in the days leading up to the club reopening to book a time on BRS and to collect your clubs and trolleys, so as to limit any personal contact. More details to follow of when this will be.
  • In the interests of safety for office staff, the office will be closed to members unless by prior booking. Any enquiries should, in the first instance, be conducted over the phone and hopefully queries or payments can also be concluded over the phone with Joanne: Call 07789 177364 or email
  • A pedestrian one-way system will be used around the clubhouse so as to facilitate social distancing. As such, we ask all members to enter the pro shop from the car park/pro shop side and after finishing the 18th exit by the opposite side of the clubhouse.
  • During the first 2 weeks, tee times will be available for members only.
  • No bookings will be taken for societies in this first phase as we cannot offer dining / bar / changing facilities.
  • Block bookings, i.e. Ladies and Vets (Tuesday and Thursday) will still be reserved on BRS but only until the day before, so members wanting to play must enter their names into a starting slot before then or risk missing their game. It is expected that the course will be busy with many workers still furloughed and therefore we want to make the course accessible for as many as possible after a lengthy lockdown

The Pro Shop

The safe use of the Professional’s shop is a priority to protect Jimmy and our members.

Consequently, the following operational conditions will apply:

  • Only two people will be allowed in the shop at any one time and there will be a one way system in the shop when members are looking at purchasing clothing etc. Markers will be on the floor.
  • Members entering the shop must use the hand sanitiser provided.
  • As far as possible, all payments should be made contactless, by Apple Pay or by card.
  • A clearly defined queuing area will be set up outside the shop to ensure members adhere to social distancing of a minimum of 2 metres while waiting to enter the shop.
  • The shop door will remain open to avoid contact with the handles by members and make it easier to see if there is anyone in the shop.
  • Jimmy will wipe down rental trolleys and buggies before and after each use.
  • Jimmy will be using the practice area for lessons. We therefore ask members to refrain from using the practice area in this first phase.

The Golf Course & Practice Facilities

During the lockdown period Dave Hookes, our Head Greenkeeper and his team have been working extremely hard to do as much maintenance as possible on the course and to keep the fairways, greens and tees in the best condition ready for reopening. The course looks fantastic with many improvements over the winter months and I am sure members will be delighted with the condition they find it.

There will be a number of temporary local rules in place, mainly about ruts, newly ground tree stumps and red/yellow posts being deemed as immovable obstructions. In the lead up to the opening, other temporary local rules may be added as we see fit so it is important to look at these when you arrive at the club. Local rules will be on display outside the pro shop.

Please help to maintain the course by replacing all divots, repairing all pitch marks and not leaving any litter on the course. Also, the following conditions will apply:

  • All members should abide by the social distancing rules and keep at least 2 metres apart. Pay particular attention to this on the tee, walking to a ball, searching for balls, playing shots or on the putting green.
  • The flags on the practice putting green will be removed and the cups turned upside down so balls can easily be removed. We would ask that only the group next on the tee use the putting green at any one time.
  • Members are asked not to use the nets for practice or to warm up. The nets will be taped off for the first phase. The practice ground will also be closed to members during the first phase.
  • Bunker rakes have been removed. The greens staff will rake the bunkers each morning.
  • The hole cups on the greens will have inserts to stop the ball dropping too far down.
  • All litter bins and benches will either be removed or taped off and should not be used. We ask that members take any rubbish home with them.
  • The balls washers will be taped off and are not to be used.
  • The shoe cleaning airline will not be in use.
  • Members should not pick up any stray balls.

Conditions For Playing The Golf Course

Members MUST book a tee time using the ‘BRS’ facility for social golf or ‘How did I do’ for competition golf bookings. You will be able to book up to one week in advance on BRS and two weeks in advance for How Did I do. Please could members not do block bookings (i.e. every day at 10am for 1 week) so as to allow other members an opportunity to book a tee time. Tee times can be booked by contacting the Club Professional if you are having issues with BRS but we would ask that you use BRS in the first instance. There are major benefits to having BRS and How did I do on your phone/ computer and this will give you huge flexibility in booking tee times. To put BRS on your phone or Computer you will need a code from either Joanne or the Pro.

  • Club Professional: Call 0161 336 3218 or 07738 564688 or
  • Joanne: Call 07789 177364 or email
  • Tee times will be at ten minute intervals to help maintain social distancing between each group
  • Starting from a different tee is not permitted during this first phase and we ask all players to report to the Pro Shop before commencing their round from the first tee.
  • Each tee time on the booking sheet will allow a stipulated number of players. This is expected to be determined by the government and we await their guidance. The booking sheet numbers will be amended in line with government instructions.
  • Do not arrive at the club more than 20 minutes before your tee time.
  • Please change your shoes in the car park.
  • Only ONE person and ONE golf bag per buggy will be allowed. Jimmy will sanitise each buggy before and after each use.
  • If you go in a bunker please try your best to level the sand with your feet after completing your shot. At this moment in time, you will play the shot as it lies in the bunker, but further consideration may be given to this if we find it not manageable.
  • The bell on the 6th will be removed so members need to ensure the group in front have crossed the stream before taking their tee shot.
  • Members must not remove flags from the holes.
  • Members are asked to leave the club as soon as they have finished their game.
  • Sanitising units will be available at locations around the Pro Shop and 1st tee and after leaving the 18th.


Should the government permit competitions in their announcement, the club intend to run competitions on both Saturdays and Sundays as per the norm. The following rules will surround competition golf.

  • Entering competitions will be via the ‘How did I do’ website / app. The club computer in the members lounge will not be in use.
  • The number of golfers in any one group will be determined by government instruction.
  • One card for each group marked by one member of the group and other golfers verbally certifying the scores before being placed into the scorecard box which will be sited under the balcony near to the changing rooms. Only the person filling in the card will need to sign the card. No second signature is required.
  • It is envisaged that the government will advise groups of 2 or 3. If that is the case, no team games will be permitted until the government relax their rules.
  • Jimmy will collect all cards and enter them into the computer and results published in the normal manner. Hopefully, games can be defined as qualifiers and handicap revisions can be undertaken.

The first two competitions will both be yellow tee stableford. This will ease members into competition golf after a long break and also ensure that all the actions we have put into place aid the flow of golf. We realise that some of these actions may seem onerous but please bear with us as your safety and that of your fellow members and staff is paramount.

Keep safe,
The Board of Directors and Captains’ Committee.