Denton Golf Club

Widely regarded on one of the best parkland courses in Manchester and the North West, Denton offers a challenge to the very best golfers whilst maintaining a friendly aspect for beginners.

Hole by hole short description

The first Tee on a crisp November morning
The first Tee on a crisp November morning

1st      539 yards – Par 5

Three straight shots and two puts – sound easy!

2nd     206 yards – Par 3

No hidden danger, though another good solid straight Tee shot is required to hit the green.

3rd     351 yards – Par 4

Big hitters watch out for the pond if you go for the green. Drive up the fairway aiming left of the pin to leave a mid iron to the green.

4th 403 yards – Par 4

A solid drive down the centre will still leave a mid to long iron to the well protected green. If you draw the ball beware, it really isn’t a hole you can attack.

5th 172 yards – Par 3

What you see is what there is, a bunker to the left and the right but a nice entrance to the green if you are straight.

6th     414 yards – Par 4

Long drivers need to be aware of the stream in the Summer.  The green is protected by two green side bunkers, he ball will stop if you fly the right hand side bunker.

7th 420 yards – Par 4

The same stream comes into play for this hole. Evan a long drive will have to be straight to avoid the trees left and right.

8th 198 yards – Par 3

With 180 yards to the edge of the green even some low handicap players layup and chip onto this green.

9th     529 yards – Par 5

The position of the approach stot is most important, a long second shot will not always be rewarded.

10th     383 yards – Par 4

Keep your drive to the right hand side of the fairway to leave a straight shot into the green, only the brave will try to cut the corner.

11th     375 yards – Par 4

A narrow fairway, a tough hole for those who fade the ball as the trees on the left as you drive and right as the ball lands are brought into play.

12th     352 yards – Par 4

Drive to the right hand side of the fairway to give yourself the best chance of playing to this sloping green.

13th     141 yards – Par 3

Looks easy – it is if you are accurate! The green is well protected by small bunkers that can easily cost you a shot or two.

14th     508 yards – Par 5

A long dog leg right with a narrowing approach to a large green. The hole can be reached in two and is a good birdy opportunity.

15th     335 yards – Par 4

Either layup to the stream or hit a solid driver – lots of options. The shape of the grounds surrounding the hole funnels the ball towards the green, another birdy opportunity.

16th 461 yards – Par 4

A long straight par 4 with fairway bunkers that make the second shot quite strategic for the average golfer, most are happy with a bogie on this tough hole.

17th     343 yards – Par 4

No serious dangers until you get to the green. A great test of anyone’s putting ability.

18th     358 yards – Par 4

Aim to arrive 30 yards short of the stream and you will have a short to mid iron to the green. The approach surface is quite firm so you can play short and it should roll up onto the green; not a green to miss on the long side.